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Friday, 29 January 2010

Proud mama alert!

Firstly, get me! I am typing this on my iPod touch sitting on the exercise bike at the gym whilst listening to music! I love technology, it's really taking my mind off the burning in the thighs!

Anyway, so yesterday was my ickle, wickle, precious, princess, 6lb6oz baby's first day at playgroup.

We packed her bag in the morning with her supplies and water and she insisted on putting a lipgloss in - wanted to look her best for the big moment!!

She went in no trouble whilst I had to be practically physically removed from the premises!

I fretted all morning about her and got there early to be greeted with the wonderful sight of her laughing, running and playin in the playground with her little mates. Looking at her there, wrapped up warm, rosy cheeked and giggling (with perfect lippy!) bathed in the bright winter sun I thought "we made it tilly! We got there in the end!"

Phew, sweat just dropped on my screen, I'm off on the rower!

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