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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Weigh in Tuesday!

Been to slimmers, as ridiculously sad as it sounds I always really enjoy the meetings, our "leader" (take me to your leader hehe) is really funny and there is always a laugh to be had. I was really hoping for 2.5lb to make half a stone but wasnt sure I would get it. But I did!! Yay me - so half a stone off in 2 weeks - it wont stay at this pace for long but Im hoping that all of the extra lard I have accumulated will come off as quickly as it went on.

This week I am hoping for 2.5 again and going to gym it 3 times and be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good with food.

Having the colonic tomorrow (eeeeeeeeeeeeek!) and going to use the fresh start feeling to make a few more diet changes.

NO wine for a while (If I am having a tipple I will partake in clear spirits only with diet mixers)
Plenty of fresh fruit and veg
Replace some of my numerous daily cups of tea with herbal!

Onwards and downwards :)

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