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Monday, 25 January 2010

Progress, not perfection!

Flylady (the funny little cartoon lady that tells me what to clean) has a motto "progress not perfection" which I am adopting as my own!

Since I last posted things have been moving along nicely!

Weight - In my first week at slimming world I lost 4.5lbs (yay) and find out tomorrow how I have done at my second weigh in, I'm hoping against hope that I manage 2.5lbs and that will be my first half stone off - a good milestone to reach to keep the motivation up!

Exercise - I have been to the gym three times now! I am hoping to get into a routine of going every monday, wednesday and friday. The gym I am going to is placed in an Elderly Day Centre and some of the grannies and grandads are putting me to shame on the treadmill at the moment - the shame!!! But I am enjoying it and going to definitely keep at it - not just for the figure, I'm really hoping it helps with the low moods.

Anti Depressants - I am still on 75mg of Venlafaxine and whilst I am not coming off it as quickly as I would like, it is still half of my starting dose. After I have gained a bit of control of my weight I am going to restart the slow weaning progress.

House - things with the house are great, partly due to a massive clearout and partly due to flylady's wise teachings (;) I am managing the house WAY better. Chipping away a little bit all of the time is having a massive impact. No more mad all day cleaning sessions when I cant stand the chaos anymore. Just a little bit here, 15 minutes there and sticking to some regular routines is working wonders (and makes it so much easier to actually get up and face the day!)

Oh, and I am going for a (shhhh..... colonic) on Wednesday, I am, quite literally shitting myself about it. Trying very hard not to think about the tube up the bum aspect and more about the positive effects. It is going to be a fresh start for my poor abused body!! Out with the toxins and in with the goodness. Hopefully I will be less likely to put alcohol, cigarettes and crap food in once it has had a good old wash!

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