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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Fantastic Lelli Kelly Discount!

My little princess that epitomises all things girly, sparkly and pretty LOVES Lelli Kelly shoes, even the advert gets her excited! I have to agree with her, they are incredibly cute and from a practical point of you very hard wearing and long lasting despite all of the sequins!

The usual price tag of around £45-50 is just a bit too much for me to splurge on them though, she has one pair that was given to her and they are great.

I saw this offer on Hot Uk Deals and had to order straight away! Prices start from around £26 which is pretty much half price!

Go to the Charles Clinkards site to order, this link should take you straight to the Lelli Kellys!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Big thumbs up for ELF cosmetics

Have you heard of ELF cosmetics (Eyes, lips face)? I hadn't until I read about them on a beauty blog recently.

I ordered a few bits and I am really chuffed with the products and thrilled with the price!!

Their main range is all priced at £1.50 for everything, including make up brushes. Then they have a "studio" range which is said to be higher quality and all of that is £3.50. Still way cheaper than most brands. The stuff doesnt seem cheaply made at all and I have had quite a few compliments on my make up since I had a go!

I have a sick little girl today

Mathilda started being sick at midnight last night and kept going until about 6 this morning. Poor lamb. She hasn't been sick since so fingers crossed its over but she is weak and washed out.

I have got her all tucked up and resting on the sofa and have made an aromatherapy mix of peppermint, tea trea and orange to freshen the house of the sick smell, get rid of any lingering bacteria and freshen the air up for her.

I am loving using aromatherapy oils in place of toxic air fresheners, I just put them on a candle burner or a few drops in a pan simmering on the hob :)

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Really fabulous birth photos on this link - check it out!

I could never bore of looking at images of the miracle of birth (<>they make me very broody too!)

Birthing Photos

Biological Nurturing - a recipe for success!

I love the way the information on Biological Nurturing is presented here

In the form of a recipe, highlighting how relaxed and easy breastfeeding can be!

I used the principles of biological nurturing when I was having trouble with latching issues - it can be a very bonding experience - try it!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Colic tips

Cranial Osteopathy - I took Mathilda to a Cranial Osteopath on recommendation from various people - I was pleased with the results. Although it wasn't a quick fix solution her symptoms seemed to definitely lessen after each session. - Please see this website for further information and to find a Cranial Osteopath in your area.

Get that wind up! There are various ways to get wind up from a baby! And even when you think you have got it all up, change position and try again, there is usually a bit more lurking in there somewhere! Experiment with winding part way through a feed.
a) Sitting upright on your knee with his chin held in your hand rubbing the back in a circular motion
b) Leaning over your shoulder holding their bottom in one hand, rubbing their back in a circular motion with the other hand.
c) Lying across your legs on their tummy, rubbing their back in a circular motion with one hand
d) Lying on their back while you cycle their leg
e) Holding your baby sitting upright on your knee and just holding still but verrrrrrrrry gently stretching them up a bit!

Infacol (and other infant colic medications!) - Infacol is supposed to help group all of the tiny air bubbles into one big bubble which helps the baby to get them all up in a big, rewarding burp at the end. Helps for lots of people, suitable from birth.

Alot of people aren't keen but for me I have found a dummy to be very useful. When dealing with colic any respite from the crying is welcome! I found a traditional cherry shaped teat to be the one that all of my babies accepted most readily!

Homeopathic Teething Granules - are a homeopathic remedy for teething pains and colic. Available in small sachets that you tip into the babies mouth. Again, helps some but not others but worth a shot!

White noise is great for blocking out the world to a baby! It also helps to recreate some of the conditions in the womb! I purchased a selection of sound files and experimented with which one had the best effect and made a CD out of them that I have playing on a loop. Of course you dont actually have to purchase white noise ? you could produce your own using a hairdryer, vaccuum cleaner, radio static etc etc Sometimes the white noise needs to be really quite loud, loud enough to drown out the crying and get your babies attention! You can then lower the volume gradually.

The combination of swaddling, white noise, dummy and movement was normally enough to gain some calm on even the worst days!

A sheet, t shirt or blanket that you have been wearing to put in with the baby can help to settle your baby with your comforting smell.

There are devices available that will rock your baby in the pram without you leaving the house (or even having to move). They are devices that you plug in and they provide rhythmic movement that you wheel the pram onto to recreate the motion of going for a walk ? Baby Dream Machine is one of the models available.

Motion - pram walks, car rides, swinging in your arms; motion often soothes.
?Tiger In The Tree? hold - this is where baby lies along your arm with his tummy in your hand and his head in the crook of your elbow! It is a good position for calming babies when they are crying.

Slings - the motion and closeness to you is very soothing to a baby. There are a vast array of slings available, many of them give you the chance to be hands free for a while which is a blessing when dealing with a colicky baby.

Swing - there are loads of swings on the market and for many babies the motion is very soothing.

Swaddling - I am a complete swaddling fanatic. A very firm swaddle can work wonders to help babies to settle off to sleep. It helps to control the Moro "startle" reflex which often prevents babies from settling, or wakes them once they have. It also helps to recreate the feeling of being in the womb which is very comforting. There are various special swaddle blankets on the market (I really like the Miracle Blanket) or of course a good old fashioned sheet. Very, very firm is the key to a successful swaddle! It is worth mentioning that when swaddling, care should be to taken that your baby doesn't overheat.

Colief Drops have been successful for lots of people. The drops are put into the babies feed to help break down the lactose in the milk prior to the baby digesting it!

There tends to be less incidence of colic in breastfed babies

Gripe Water - designed to help bring a good burp up - suitable from 4 weeks

Baby Massage - there are various courses, books and websites that will give information on baby massage techniques. One in particular, massaging around the tummy button can bring relief.

Although infant formulas are all very similar there are some specialist milks available that are apparently "easy to digest" and may make a difference for some babies.

If bottlefeeding, the type of bottle you use may have a big impact on the amount of wind that your baby takes in. There are very many ?anti colic? bottles around ? Dr Browns is one of them and I did find that it made a difference.

Fennel Tea is said to be calming for babies with colic, if breastfeeding YOU drink the tea and if bottle feeding a small amount given to the baby can help.

As colic often occurs at a set time in the day, consider getting some help for this challenging time. Your partner, mother, friend or perhaps Doula can take some of the strain for you so that you can have some respite. It is really important that you take care of yourself at this time. You have just given birth and are now dealing with a difficult baby ? whatever it takes for this short, intense period of time to alleviate things are worth it ? accept ANY and ALL offers of help!
One of the most important things to hold on to is THIS WILL NOT LAST FOREVER and has no bearing on the future personality or temperament of your baby!

New updated website now live! Very excited!

My new website is now up there and live - going to plan the relaunch soon - watch this space!