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Thursday, 20 September 2007

My wriggly bump :)

This is my bump today at somewhere between 26+27 weeks - do you think its big??

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Fascinating Video!!

Have a look at this video footage of scans at various stages of pregnancy - wonderful!

Birth News!!!

Remember this blooming beauty from further down the page?

Beautiful twin babies born on Tues 4th September!

Weighing 6lb 1oz and 6lb 4oz.

It doesn't get more beautiful than this!! Congratulations

Monday, 3 September 2007

38 Weeker....

Lovely bump here, baby born 4 weeks later at 42 weeks.

Bump owners comment made me laugh "My bump at 38 weeks - to think I was so proud that "I hadn't got stretch marks"... I just couldn't see them from above :-)"

Beautiful Collection of Breastfeeding Images

This selection of breastfeeding photos are from - the website belonging to a FAB doula in London!

If you have any breastfeeding images they would be gratefully received over at Mammy Doula I'm sure!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

A cut of independence

Fascinating shot of a baby just born by c-section, the cord about to be cut - making her truly her own little person.

What a cutie there on the scales!!

40 Week Bump ....

Wearing that bump with pride :) Gorgeous


Fabby bump pic here - I do love to see a fellow stretch marked bump. I always tell my kids that my marks are my "battle scars" I had to gain to get them - worth every one too!

De Ja Bump

This bump really reminds me of my own - right down to the way my piercing has gone!

Now it might be because I'm getting tired but this photo makes me giggle - the fridge in the background jumps out at me - is it full of gherkins and jam or some other craving fodder? Makes me think also that the fridge is full of delights and so is the belly :)
Lovely smooth bump that looks "all baby"

Oi! You in there, when are you coming out!

This photo made me chuckle, if I look menacingly down at the bump - will labour start!!

Lovely neat bump for 40 weeks

Three generations of smiles

I bet baby is smiling inside too :) Grandma looks so proud!

T-6 and looking serene!

This photo was taking 6 days before "due date" and you look so calm, serene and cute!

Twinny Bump

There are two little bundles of joy in that there bump :)

Much respect to multiple mums, I struggle carrying one, cant imagine the heartburn, backache, tiredeness etc with two!

But of course double the joy :)

A very gorgeous baby number 4

Hows this for an impressive bump! Fantastic! Amazing how neat everything else is around the bump !

And yet another blub making, broody inducing image of mum meeting baby for first time - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Special Moment

This is a really beautiful photo of that very special first feed - magical!

.......and the bump that contained that beauty

This photo makes me really excited for my baby to come out and have that first feed, there is nothing that can compare (forgetting the agony on latching on of course....)

Taking a quick dip!

No, you aren't looking at a page in a catalogue at the swimwear models section! Oh, to look like this in a bikini!

Oh and BTW loving your furniture!

Breastfeeding Beauty!

I just LOVE photos of breastfeeding - so beautiful.

Look at the expression on this little ones face - on one photo locked eyes with his Mother, looking up with such love, devotion and gratitude for the yummy milk and in the other he is looking straight at the camera as if to say "Get me, I'm having my milk!"

Sexy Mama!!

Here is proof that pregnant does NOT mean frumpy!

Work that sexy body!

This shot was taken 5 months pregnant.


If every a more blatant reminder that we are ALL different and no two pregnancies are the same !!

The difference in gestation between these two pictures is just 2 weeks! 32 weeks on the left and 30 on the right!

ALL baby!

There doesnt seem to be an ounce of flab anywhere !!

Tiny bum, big bump!

40 weeks and FANTASTIC bump

This one is a belter (as they say in Newcastle!) Absolutely gorgeous

WOW! What a bump!

Check out this bump pic of Katie Holmes - amazing!

The miracle of birth - amazing photos of a water birth

These photos were kindly sent to me as an opportunity to show the miracle of birth in progress.

I am very honoured to display them, hope you enjoy them.

I feel really moved looking at them as it is quite simply amazing!!!