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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Isn't pregnancy amazing?

No really! is isn't it! I'm lying here now, in bed on the laptop and obviously squishing my little 24 wk old baby girl foetus because she is wriggling and poking around urging me to move so that she can get comfortable!

We are communicating already - I often play a "game" with her, poking my belly in different places and waiting for a poke back. Feels like I am connecting with her in some fun way when I do that.

My belly is pretty ugly from the outside - quite saggy at the bottom (where current bump hasnt yet filled out space taken up by last bump!), covered (and I MEAN covered) in stretch marks, and a hideous, hugely regretted tattoo all around my belly button!! It may not be the most flawless belly but what is going on underneath the wobbly skin right now is a miracle - I can't help than get overwhelmed that in approximately 16 weeks the baby girl inside my body will be sleeping next to me and yet 16 weeks ago at 8 weeks pregnant she was barely the size of a large grape!

It is because of this respect and awe at what my body is performing that I thought I would put this blog together and encourage other women to post their beautiful bumps for all to see - I get SO SICK of comments about such as "Massive" "Huge" "Fat" "Oh my god is it twins!" "HOW LONG do you have left?" - its as if I have failed some sort of test because my pregnant bump is, ok, pretty massive! It leaves me feeling fat and unattractive when I should just be lovin' my body and what it is doing!

So............I will start with one of mine from my last pregnancy and hope that others would like to share their pics to build up a library of bumps that regardless of shape or size are ALL beautiful!!!

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  1. wow fab job also a good way of bringing nasty uncalled for comments back down to earth with a bump!