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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

She is in there somewhere!

Life has been odd this last year (or two) but I really feel like I am coming out of the other end.

Back when I was diagnosed with PND people told me that when you recover from depression you often emerge as an entirely different person. I feel that this has happened to me although I am not 100% sure who this new person is.

I dont feel like Im the person I was before the depression and I am certainly not feeling like the person I was when I was depressed (thank god!!).

I feel as thought I'm at a turning point in my life and evcrything is up for review! My relationship, my friendships, my lifestyle, my career etc etc

I have been feeling drawn to returning to a more simple way of life, Im such a consumer and would like to actually lessen that side of me - I want to be less excited by purchases and more by the simple pleasures in life. Less technology and more real life people and experiences!

A book I have come across that I really fancy looking at is this - The Wonderful Weekend Book : Reclaiming Lifes Simple Pleasures. More and more often when I am deciding what to do for the day it normally ends up in a) shopping or b) eating out. Although I love this it becomes boring after a while and doesnt exactly feed the soul! (more like feeding my debt and saggy belly!)

So I think reading this book will be a good way to start on my journey of enlightenment, off to amazon right now!

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