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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A cheeky charity shop visit

I L.O.V.E charity shops with a capital L! I was driving home from my sister's house today and passed Oxfam in Jesmond and thought oooooooooooooooooooooooooh will just have a quick look.

Came away with three books! All for a mere £3!

The first one is an absolute gem! It is called "Every Womans Luck Book" It is a classic self help book from the 1930's on how to bag a husband.

Has loads of corking information such as looking for your potential husband based on the shape of his jaw!!

I will update with quotes as I get into it!

Then I got Essential Aromatherapy - A beginner's guide to choosing and using essential oils for beauty treatments, massage and health remedies. 

I am really interested in using essential oils more. Would love to be able to understand the different benefits and use them around the home in candles and with massage. 
Lastly, Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much - The bestselling collection of
meditations for women whose lives are too busy. Meditations For Women Who
Do Too Much speaks directly to the hearts and minds of the millions of women
who do too much of everything: work, worry, organize, and take care of
everyone in their lives!except themselves. With wisdom, humour, and insight,
these meditations -- paired with quotations from women of many ages,
cultures, and perspectives -- help women recognize and change their patterns,
slow down, and take the time to
listen to their own needs.
When I read the synopsis on the back cover I was struck by the term
"careaholic" the term used for someone who spends so much time and energy
helping or being involved with others they leave no room for
themselves. I have come to the conclusion recently that this is exactly what
I do
, I think as a distraction technique from tackling my "ishoos" head on.
So, there you go. My name is Rebecca Hills and I am a careaholic! 
I haven't read much of the book yet, but flicking through it looks full of good,
sage advice on slowing the world down and concentrating on the important
things - exactly what I want to do!

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